This is the part of our business, which you won’t necessarily see or hear about. It is also a very fast growing part of

Old School Soap & Candles By Ayrshire Handmade .

More and more companies realise the value of slightly unusual high gifts can have for their organisation.

This is just some of the things we do for our clients:

  • Bespoke promotional products
  • Gifts for their high value customers
  • Corporate entertainment items
  • Prizes for sales teams and other recognition gifts
  • First impression memento gifts for sales teams to leave with clients
  • Private label products for specific clients
  • Co-branded products and gifts

In reality, there are very few things, which are not possible. If you have a business or a brand, which deserves a more personal and high quality approach to corporate gifts or promotion, then  for a chat about how we work.