Old School Soap & Candles By Ayrshire Handmade  was founded in 2014 by Alan Semple, the creator and fully qualified soap maker. Based in Ayrshire on Scotland’s scenic Clyde Coast, the Old School Soap & Candles Company is

surrounded by inspiration with beautiful scenery, historic landmarks, some of the finest golf courses in the world, and a long list a famous sons such as Robert Burns, Robert the Bruce, and Sir Alexander Fleming – to name just a few. The company began to provide handcrafted aromatherapy soap, without colouring and using only the purest essential oils. All the natural pure distilled oils we use are plant based, as we believe this is

better for your skin and our environment. Being in a region that is steeped in such history, it is no wonder

that we think our candles are something special!


We have taken great care to select only the finest rapeseed wax and fragrance oils, and woven them together by hand to create something very special. We only use natural and sustainable rapeseed wax to create our candles and melts, which are all poured by hand in our workshop in Ayrshire, Scotland. We work very

hard on developing each of our fragrances which are all created exclusively for the Ayrshire Handmade Soap.

We believe that by purchasing candles and melts that have been lovingly produced and made from natural

rapeseed wax and premium fragrance oils that you are buying more than just a product.


Old School Soap & Candles prides itself in bringing our customers the very best hand poured, natural rapeseed wax, and scented candles and melts which produce a premium quality, more environmentally

friendly candle. We do not dye the wax in our candles, therefore all of our candles and melts are creamy white in colour (with exception to a few due to natural pigments in the fragrance oils), as we want the candles and melts to remain as natural as possible. In a world of instant communication and information, cheap mass produced products, and disposable  goods, it is good to know that there are still some things that have been created with enthusiasm, love and a personal touch.

Please visit our brand new online store, where you can indulge yourself with our range of luxury

natural soap and candle products. We are sure you will enjoy the experience of burning our candles as

much as we love making them!